The Untimely Passing of Liya Arefaine

 message from the chairman  We are deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Liya Arefaine. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her parents, Arefaine Kassa and Genet Tessema.  May God grant them the strength to endure this loss and we wish them solace in their...

Cancellation of July 4, 2020 ASAA-NA Annual Event of Dallas

Cancellation of July 4, 2020 ASAA-NA Annual Event of Dallas Dear Alumni Members, Supporters and Friends: The ASAA-NA Board of Directors extends its well wishes to each member, supporter, and friend during this difficult and still uncertain time of COVID-19. For the...

Corona Virus Pandemic Information

With so much information and disinformation going around about the new pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, I thought it may help our Agazi Alumni community to have some of the most legitimate source of information about the global pandemic. So here are three web...

Support Frewieini Mebrahtu 2019 CNN Hero

Freweini Meberahtu, 2019 CNN Hero Winner It's something that girls and young women in western countries can't imagine: missing school, even dropping out, because of their periods. Yet as many as half the girls in rural parts of Ethiopia miss school for reasons related...

ASAA-NA Congratulates Freweini Mebrahtu on her winning the 2019 CNN Hero award!!!!

Dear Agazi School Alumni member/frriend On behalf of ASAA-NA Board and myself I would like to ask you join us in congratulating Freweini Mebrahtu for winning the 2019 CNN Hero award!!! Many of you may know Freweini Mebrahtu as a friend, relative, and/or a member of...


The vision of Agazi School Alumni Association (NA) is to see improved quality of Education in Agazi Secondary School.


Our mission is to:

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