Dear Agazi School Alumni Association members and friends,

As a board chair of Agazi School Alumni Association North America, I would like to thank each member
of the board, past and present and members, for their commitment, engagement, patience and
unreserved service and support for this great organization. ASAA survival for this long is not due to a
miracle but truly is as a result of the great qualities of its members and friends.
I am wholeheartedly grateful to Hagos Gebre, the outgoing board chair for his strong leadership and
support during the transition. The board’s achievement in the past five years, despite the challenges
from manmade and natural disasters, were uniquely commendable. We
My focus with my fellow board members for the coming three years will be engaging the youth and new
member’s recruitment, establishing new chapters, strengthening existing chapters, raising funds for our
people as needed, improving the system of governing and revising some of the projects from the
outgoing board.
As you all know, the schools, libraries, Adigrat University and other institutions have been looted,
destroyed and made dysfunctional by the invading forces. Rebuilding requires enormous resources and I
urge you to be ready for the challenges once the siege is lifted. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I
am quite confident that we will prevail.
Let me close by thanking you all for placing your trust in me. I promise you that I will do my best to face
the challenges along with my fellow board members and transfer to the next board in good hands.


Kahsay Gebretsadik
Chair, Agazi School Alumni Associations-NA (ASAA-NA)