Dear Agazians:

Today, it is with immense pride that ASAA-NA Board announces the completion of upgrading its website with many added features and functionalities.

This project was started by the outgoing board of (2014-2017) led by Dr. Yohannes Weldegebriel, and the current board took this project as one of its priorities for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  In investing time and effort into updating the website, the board’s goal is to provide services and to reach out to its members and supporters.

The new website comes with these new features:

  • Better and friendly user experience – simple overall navigation and user interface. 
  • Membership – the website will also enable members and supporters to pay their monthly membership fees, pledges and donations online using their credit/debit cards.
  • Events – the new website comes with dedicated events system where users can create, announce and view upcoming events. Users can now also buy event tickets online and receive their tickets through email.
  • Shopping – now it’s possible for members and supporters to buy merchandises such as DVDs, Books and T-Shirts on our new website.
  • Members Benefits – this new website comes with a technology that restricts contents such as project details, Minutes, Board reports and other materials only to subscribed members.
  • LMS – furthermore, this new website incorporates access to an online Learning Management System, which teachers and students will be able to use as an online learning and educational interaction platform.

On behalf of ASAA-NA board and myself I would like to thank our web development team that made this project a success.

  • Bruck Girmay- ASAA-NA Board PR and Team Coordinator
  • Yohannes Weldgebriel -Content and Design Coordinator
  • Gebremichael Gebre, Web Administrator
  • Se-Arom K. Woldegiorgis – Web Developer

Special thank goes to our web developer Se-Arom K. Woldegiorgis who has spent countless hours in designing and testing the various functionalities and features of the website to bring the project to fruition.

Please visit our website: to check what is going on with ASAA-NA, to pay your membership/pledges and to make donations online. 

Hagos Gebre

Chairman, ASAA-NA Board of Directors