Dear Agazi School Alumni member/frriend

On behalf of ASAA-NA Board and myself I would like to ask you join us in congratulating Freweini Mebrahtu for winning the 2019 CNN Hero award!!!
Many of you may know Freweini Mebrahtu as a friend, relative, and/or a member of our Agazi Alumni community and I just wanted to share with you our joy and pride on her winning the 2019 CNN Hero award!!!!

Her award is a testament to the role of innovation, leadership, and commitment to what one believes in to transform society and to accelerate social change. The word menstruation is a taboo in our society and our society fails to recognize that it is a health issue related to women. Freweini’s work brings into the limlight the power of innovation, entreprenuership and leadership in changing culture and society’s undeerstanding of what matters most to its survival, growth and continuity.

Congratulations Freweini on your accomplishment and for your transformational effect on our society!!!!

Hagos Gebre
Chairman, ASAA-NA Board of Directors