Dear Agazi School Alumni Association members and friends,

It has been almost three years since ASAA-NA held its annual event – July 6, 2019 in Washington DC. The world we live in has changed in so many ways in the past three years and the change is even more dramatic and painful when it comes to what is taking place in Tigray and in Ethiopia. Words fail to express the extent of distraction, death, and loss of centuries old cultural heritages. Many of us have lost immediate family members and relatives and we are all reeling under the stress and pressure to do our best to be the voice for our people. I know some of our members had to handle a serious health crisis induced by the stress as a result of bad news from home.

The ASAA-NA board has been following the situation back home and the stress it is causing here on its members, supporters, and our communities at large. In light of the situation ASAA-NA held a consultative meeting in March 2022, which many of you remember, to gather opinions and suggestions from its members on how ASAA-NA should respond to the situation and whether ASAA-NA should hold its annual event. Even though our community is under stress, many of you who attended the meeting advised and suggested that ASAA-NA should hold the annual event.

Accordingly, since April 2022, ASAA-NA has been working with Denver chapter committee, Board members, as well as members to make this year’s annual event a success. At this stage many of the preparatory works are underway and the Denver organizing committee has done a great job. All that is left is for our members and friends to meet in Denver for our July 2, 2022 Annual Event.

At this year’s annual event, the theme of the meeting will be on how to support our people back home, especially those displaced and in dire need of help. All money raised at this event will be sent to support internally displaced people in Tigray. Last year ASAA-NA did a great job in raising money and supporting more than 2000 internally displaced people for two months. ASAA-NA plans to mobilize another round to support the internally displaced in Tigray and is inviting all its members and supporters to come to Denver (in person or virtual) and turn its plan into action. Please make sure to include July 2, 2022 in your Calendar!!! See you all in Denver!!!

Hagos Gebre
Chairman, ASAA-NA Board of Directors