Happy Holidays

This issue was supposed to have been in your hands before the Ethiopian Christmas.  Regardless, there is Easter coming so, the heading still stands.  Despite the delay in publication of this newsletter, our Association is making progress in the projects it initiated for this year.  As was reported in our earlier edition, the new Board had made its contact with some of the high schools around Adigrat.  Our delegated representative, Denver chapter committee member, Yeshi G.Meskel met with some school officials in Adigrat.  Based on the information she obtained from the schools and a letter we received from one of the schools, one of the biggest problems we can address at this time is their needs for computers, photocopiers and printers.  A summarized list from Yeshi’s meeting minutes is included below.

As a result and after looking at our financial status, the Board has decided to purchase a computer, photocopy machine and a printer for some of the schools this year to be completed next year for the remaining schools.  Our office in Addis will be sending us invoices from computer stores in Addis or Mekelle whichever is convenient and we will make the purchase. 

The Board has also decided to start the operation of the Adigrat Community Communication Center this year with a purchase of 10 multimedia computers, a fax machine, printers, and copy machine, and pay for internet access.  Agazi members in other countries will sponsor the renovation of the building.

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